Unit 5 Health and Social Care Essay

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Unit 5 P4, M1 and D1
This essay will explain the physiologies of the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system and how they work in the metabolism of energy in the body.
The respiratory system
The respiration system is the process of supplying oxygen to the cells so that cells can metabolise energy. The main functions of the respiratory system are to maintain oxygen supply to cells, to remove water from the body, and to remove carbon dioxide from the body.
It is divided into four sections, three of which are under the ‘external respiration’. These are breathing, gaseous exchange and blood transport. The respiratory system is the internal of tissue respiration carried out inside the body cells.
Breathing happens in the
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The simple and complex molecules start to build lots of enzymes and hormones after digesting food.
A catabolic reaction is the breaking down molecules and release of energy during a chemical reaction.
Anabolic reactions are the making of complex molecules from simple substances by using energy.
By supplying energy to cells it allows a lot a lot of roles in the body to function. Firstly the digestive system when it takes in food and water and then uses enzymes to break up the complex molecules to form into more simple material that can pass through the capillaries of the cardiovascular system. Next the cardiovascular system transports the simple materials to the liver, which is then transported into the bloodstream which pumps the heart. Lastly the respiratory system is continuously re-filling the lungs with oxygen and getting rid of the waste products. The dissolved oxygen passes through the areolar walls into the blood stream then travels to the cells. A catabolic happens in the body cells because a lot of raw materials are being sent around the body regularly like glucose. The breakdown that happens is glucose oxidation which is the release of energy so that the reaction can happen in the cytoplasm where the energy gets trapped in the mitochondria.
Mitochondria are a rounded shaped body that is spread throughout the cytoplasm which holds released energy. Every mitochondria have a