Unit 5 P3: Describe Energy Expenditure In Sports Performance

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Unit 5 P3: Describe energy intake an expenditure in sports performance

Energy measurements

A calorie is a unit of energy. The consumption of food provides the body with energy which is accumulated and stored within the protein, carbohydrate and fat molecules of that food.
The nutritional label that is provided with the food presents the calorie content which illustrates the value of energy that the food provides for our body.
The suggested daily intake of calories for a female adult should be approximately around 2000 calories, and men should have around 2500-2800. These recommendations are based on adults who take part in moderate activity and are of an average size and weight, The recommendations given for a daily calorie intake refer to an adult person with moderate activity. Young children
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One joule is equal to the energy needed to raise a one N through a vertical height of one metre.

The word calorie is stereotypically used to refer to a unit of food energy in nutritional terms. Calorie is used as a shortened version of the proper scientific term, kilocalorie. However, the popular usage of the word calorie of food energy causes a misconception surrounding the definition of kilocalorie and therefore represents a thousand true calories of energy.


Kilojoules represent the energy we receive provided from food. The amount of energy consumed is based on the amount within the carbohydrate, protein and fat of the food. The food category of fruits, legumes and vegetables are fairly low energy (kilojoule) dense foods.

Added sugars, alcohol and food which contain increasing amount of fats contain the most energy dense foods. For this specific reason, they should be ingested in moderation- especially if an individual is