Unit 5 questions Essay

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Unit 5
To provide an efficient, well run person centred service I have to work with many different professionals from different agencies and organisations. It is an important part of my role as manager to work in partnership with others as it means that we have the chance to share our knowledge and skills but also observe that of other professionals and extend their knowledge and skills at the same time. To work effectively with professionals as a manager I need to
Communicate effectively with others in the interest of the service users
Identify and challenge discriminatory practices
Apply interviewing, listening and observation skills of the joint assessment process and shared reports
Negotiate and organise skills that enable good team working
Deal with difficult situations and manage conflict

The effectiveness of any professional partnerships can be judged on its failures and/or successes. It is important to be clear about the purpose of professional partnerships and to monitor the actions and resources they use. It is important to review, measure and monitor any progress against the set objectives and have regular progress reports. After evaluating the process this will show if partnerships are having a positive or negative impact.
For example …..
A positive effect will show co-ordinated service provisions a professional approach clear understanding of role and responsibility

Negative effects will show miscommunication timewasting conflict between parties
The impact professional partnerships within an organisation have on the services users should always be taken into account and their views and opinions of how they feel the partnership is working should also be included in the evaluation process. Asking service users to fill in questionnaires should do this. It is important that the service users are involved in the process of evaluation as the results will not only have an effect on the organisation but on the individual service users themselves.

Unit 5
3.5 & 4.5
Conflict is commonly perceived as being a negative issue. However the experience of dealing with conflict can lead to a positive outcome for service users, their families, other professionals and the organisation. Conflict that is managed effectively can lead to personal and organisational growth. If conflict is not managed effectively it can hinder the organisations ability to provide quality care to the service user and can escalate into a volatile situation. Some conflicts can be resolved unofficially by talking to the person/persons involved privately or just by being patient as there could be