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Unit 50- Equality and Diversity
As a Teacher I will come across many different learners from many different backgrounds, abilities and needs. My role is to be a positive role model to my learners and to effectively promote Equality and Diversity incorporating it within my teaching. Encouraging my learners to engage and interact with one another without any form of prejudice and use of stereotyping taking place.

Promote Equality Value Diversity Achieve learning

1. Understand the key features of a culture which promotes equality and diversity.

1.1- Define the meanings of equality and diversity in the UK context

Diversity Means: The state of difference, being diverse or an unlikeness from others, a variety of differences. Pie chart Diagram 1: Diversity in Cultures Source:

Equality means: Having the same status and rights as a person or thing equal to another.
Equality and Diversity is the current term used for Equal Opportunities.
Equality and diversity is the term that is used within the United Kingdom to define equality and diversity It promotes the need for equality of opportunity giving all individuals a chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination.UK legislation requires the promotion of equality in everything, making sure that many other facilities meet the legal requirements to aid promotion of equality. Helping In the fair treatment of all not excluding anyone due to Age, Gender, Sexual orientation, Race, Gender identity, Marriage and civil partnership, Maternity, Paternity, Pregnancy, Religion or beliefs and Disability. This is in place as it is the legal obligation to protect against discrimination and protects my learner’s rights to learn and my right to teach. As quoted by Gravells, (2012)- ‘Equality is about the rights of students to have access to attend, and participate in their chosen learning experience. This should be regardless of age, ability and or circumstances. And inequality and discrimination should be tackled to ensure fairness, decency and respect among your students’. Diagram 2: Diversity and interaction Source:

1.2- Analyse the benefits of promoting equality and diversity for individual learners

Diagram 3: Equality in the classroom

Diversity within teaching helps to promote my learners opportunities to further their potential and enhance self-development. A Gravells,(2012) quotes that - The Promotion of Equality is a legal requirement ensuring that everyone receives fair treatment and given equal access to opportunities and services, provided so that they are not subject to unlawful discrimination. Diversity promotes inclusiveness by ensuring that everyone’s valued as unique individuals and celebrates one another’s differences without prejudice. Equality and diversity is linked to the widening of participation, but Every one of the teaching and learning approaches offers many opportunities to promote equality and diversity. By promoting equality and diversity I can break down barriers between learners in the classroom environment and promote understanding of each other’s backgrounds and to help the integrating of equality and diversity within my classroom sessions. As a teacher I will always remember that no two learners are the same and know two learners learn in the same way so I has to show many different styles in my teaching to aid all my learners and