Unit 5001 Personal Development as a Manager and Leader Essay

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CMI Unit 5001

Personal Development as a Manager and Leader


• Personal development as a Manager and Leader o Background and Context o Planning for personal and professional development o Planning resources required for Personal Development o Implementation and Evaluation of the Personal Development Plan o Promote healthy and safe working practices

• Appendices o 1 - Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs o 2 - PDP o 3 – VAK Questionnaire o 4 – Honey and Mumford Questionnaire

• Bibliography

Personal Development as a Manager and Leader

Background & Context
At BIC Innovation, we
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2. Using the PESTLE to look at factors external to the company can highlight factors such as: • political: who is in what position, their power, vision, goals and directions, Welsh Assembly and Referendum. • economic: financial implications, productivity. • social: what is and is not acceptable within the culture • technological: new computer systems or other new technology • legal: changes to employment law, recruitment, visa, new legislation • environmental: the space available, what can or cannot be moved where, recycling, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
In this situation, a PESTLE analysis can be thought of more as an audit. It is best used at the data capture phase as part of a pre-planning process of any strategic intervention.
In addition to the PESTLE we should also consider the internal environment as we may have more control over these.

By looking at the data in the PESTLE you may now be questioning yourself and adding more information to the SWOT Analysis. Through the earlier stages of the process ie SWOT Analysis, you should now have identified where you want/need to be and where you are now. The difference between the two is the gap. This is the area where you need to focus your development activities.

This stage of the process is where you consider what you can do to take yourself to the desired future position. You need to determine the