Unit 5001 Unit 5001- Personal Development as a Manager and Leader Essay

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Joanna Speed
Unit 5001- Personal Development as a manager and leader

A.C. 1.1
Continual Self-Development is the approach where an individual takes prime responsibility and ownership for their own learning and development. This approach requires motivation and commitment in order to exploit learning opportunities and minimise the impact of weakness. A continuing self-development should be undertaken in partnership with the organisation and self-development should enhance the role held within the organisation. There are many benefits to be derived from continual self-development: improve performance and self-confidence; identify and develop specific skills and qualities; increase learning capacity; help achieve potential.
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Progression planning is part of my role and I will be given training opportunities to enable me to fulfil this function.
A.C. 1.4

I have constructed a Personal Development Plan (see above and appendix 1) that includes challenging goals which are centred on improving my effectiveness in my current role. There is a lot of training that is involved as I have not done a lot of formal training for a number of years due to time constraints of building the General Manager role, which was a new role. Now that the role is established and the Support Services Team is in place I am able to take some time to develop my skills and acquire new knowledge to add more value to me as General Manager.
Task 2
A.C. 2.1
The resources required in order to achieve my personal development objectives can be divided into two headings:
Individual resources – This is the ability to manage my time effectively to ensure that my normal role is fulfilled when training or learning is taking place. To ensure that the department is effectively managed and that deadlines are met and standards are maintained I will need to ensure that I delegate effectively;
Organisational resources – Although self-development has to be self-initiated, the organisation has to encourage self-development in order for resources to be available. In order for self-development to be achieved the company needs to enable managers to have sufficient flexibility to ensure that learning can take place.