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Barbara Brooks
RA4: Unit 51

1st February 2013 | |
|Please tell me the reasons why people communicate with each other in your centre? |
|We communicate in our settings for several vital reasons; |
|to make sure that accurate information is passed onto the correct parties |
|to share our thoughts and ideas |
|to have essential background information in order to tailor future plans effectively |
|for medical reasons |
|to let others know how we feel |
|to develop strong relationships with children and adults |
|to gain information and advice |
|to keep parties informed of new developments |
|to maintain a smooth link between parents, professionals and children |
|Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting? |
|If my communication is open and direct then it will affect people in a positive way. For instants, clear and precise speech, good body language and eye contact is always necessary, or my messages can be misconstrued. |
| |
|Positive communication skills like listening, open ended questions, calm tone of voice and “I” statements help unite people because they are behaviours that lead to sustained relationships. |
| |
|Disagreements and conflicts will need to be ironed out as soon as possible, sometimes involving other parties. Children will pick on a negative vibe. |