Unit 7 Essay

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unit 7

2.1 indentify the positive outcomes for children and young people that practitioners should be striving to achieve

There are five main outcomes for us as practitioners to consider, these are: the early years outcomes

Be healthy his means that as professionals that we help and encourage the children to be healthy, by giving them healthy meals/snacks at appropriate times. We encourage the children to drink water. Help them to cope with everyday life such as personal stress, help to build their self esteem. Encourage them in the right direction about their physical, mental, emotional, sexual health and to avoid drug taking.

Stay Safe: We ensure all the children that attend our setting are kept safe by having all staff DBS checked and that all staff are at level 3 or above or that are taking the necessary training to become level 3. If any safeguarding issues arise within the setting then we follow the appropriate protercall . We keep the children safe by making sure all areas are locked up . We keep the children safe by carrying out risk assessment’s checking that all the equipment and play areas are safe for the children.

Enjoy and achieve: We provide the children with both child initiated and adult led activities. We do observation’s on the children so that we can plan activities accurately for the children’s individual needs and learning abilities, also to make sure the children are progressing in the right direction and to make sure that if they are behind on their development we make the necessary adaptations to suit the level they are at. We make sure that we provide the children with a happy and safe environment that they are happy to come to and if the children are happy at the setting then this means that they can enjoy themselves and also it helps them to achieve and learn more while at the setting .

Make a positive contribution: We create a environment for the children that will help them to develop self confidence. We encourage the children to make their own choices and for them to know that us as