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Designing an Exchange Server (Portfolio)
1. The total cost of the server I would recommend for this office comes to around $5,500. This is due to using the recommended configuration I detail in the rest of this paper. Keep in mind this is the most you would be spending if using all of the top of the line features.
2. For the server I would recommend a processor that has a least 2 cores, 4 cores if possible. The reason for the multiple core setup is because the more cores a processor has in a server the faster the server can accomplish its job. 2 cores is the minimum I would put in a server computer, with 4 cores being the preferred setup.
3. I would recommend that the server have at least 2GB of RAM, but preferred 4GB. This seems like a lot of memory to allocate towards a server, but if you think about how much traffic this server is going to have to handle, maximum 1,000 mailboxes, you will need an abundance of memory to handle all of the concurrent users on the network.
4. You are definitely going to need a fault tolerance method applied to your server. Now, if cost is an issue I would recommend RAID 5 for the server. In RAID 5 Information is written across all disks with a parity block for all data written within each stripe. You can lose a single disk from the array and the data will be rebuilt onto a replacement disk from the information contained in the parity block. With RAID 5 you need at least 3 disks, but 5 is recommended for better performance. IF cost…