Music In Music: My First Choice Of Music

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My first choice of music was a band called Arcade Fire and their song named “Ready to Start”. The Canadian band plays indie rock. I like, not love it, the singer is not the greatest singer. The woman is the one with the full-impact emotion as the drummer and also the man who plays the keyboard is quite electrifying and entertaining. The lyrics seem a little depressing to me, and at times difficult to understand. I had to research the lyrics to comprehend.
Video Retrieved: 09/12/2012 from Arcade Fire. Ready to Start
The second song I chose, “Grace is Gone” by the Dave Matthews Band, Dave sings beautifully while playing his guitar. The vivid lyrics of this song paints a picture of sorrow, and helps to portray a strong central theme of hopelessness and depression. The line, “Excuse me please, one more drink can you make it strong because I don’t need to think. She broke my heart my grace is gone,” is a great example of the use of the vivid language that can be found in the blues. The writer uses the fact that he is covering his sorrows in alcohol, mixed with the depression caused by the women leaving him. It is very dark and oppressive. All of these strong emotions is a sign of respect to the blues era.
Video Retried: 09/12/12
This makes me wonder, what life would be, without the many sounds of music. The sounds of pianos, horns, violins and drums, give