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The basic principles of learning can consist of reading, exercise, and effect. Reading implies eagerness. You mush be ready to learn in order to learn to read. Exercise is knowing that if you repeat something you will most likely remember it. If you ecercise your brain it will be easier to remember concepts. Effect is based of the emotional reation of the students as they learn.

Association can change our behaviors because you tend to be like the people you are with a lot. When I am with my friends i tend to act like them, and want to do the things they do. Influence is a big thing on peoples lives. It is very easy to be influenced by the people you are around. My two year old niece is infuenced a lot, she wants to do everything that I do. She follows me around and tends to repeat everything I say. As she watches other people she begins to learn. She watched me ride a bike and very soon she learned to petal her bike. She is like a spoung, she soaks up everything that she sees and hears, and she starts doing it.

When we learn, neurons fire and the synaptic connections between those neurons become stronger. This process is known as long-term potentiation. There is a lot that takes place when we begin to learn. And a lot takes place to be able to remember the concepts we learn. There are two types of memory consolidation: synaptic consolidation, which takes place hours after learning, and system consolidation, which takes place days or weeks after learning. Sleep helps us retain new information.

Memories are encoded, stored and