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The Pentium flaw in the Intel Corporation’s chip devastated computer users everywhere. The flaw caused the problem for Intel because, all Pentiums manufactured had errors in the on-chip floating point unit instructions for division. This caused the Pentium's Floating point unit to incorrectly divide certain floating-point numbers. This problem in Intel’s chip took place in November 1994. This problem didn’t hit the news until a collage professor was checking some of his curriculums when he noticed the computer were giving the wrong answers. Intel responded by saying about one in a billion users would come across this flaw and called it a minor bug. Intel soon found out that this wasn’t true. Soon Intel knew what they had to do to make their customers feel satisfied with their product. The Pentium problem has made people become more aware, and customers will be much more demanding when it comes to correcting a problem. Based on its own experience, Microsoft is also more aware of bugs. Now that Microsoft has seen the fuss that 4 million to 6 million Pentium users can kick up, it surely doesn't want to upset 60 million Windows users.
The kind of consumer uprising Intel has witnessed can bloom easily today, due in part to online services and the Internet. Accessible by millions, they provide an easy way for consumers to quickly compare information and band together. That puts additional pressure on vendors to be honest and respond rapidly to consumer