Unit 8 Child Care Level 3 Essay

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Unit 8- Caring for children

The role and responsibilities of an early year’s practitioner follow a number of codes. When working with children there are many care needs of children, such as special needs, safeguarding children, children’s learning, behaviour, and working with parents. Early years practitioners have set responsibilities when working with children, like meeting the learning needs of a child, providing an environment which is welcoming and also they have to work together as part of a team to provide good service for both children and parents.
Practitioners have to put the needs of children first because this will help keep children safe and encourages children to be independent. It’s important to show
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They should also undertake regular risk assessments of the environment, equipment and activities also keep documentation for all aspects of risk assessment, accidents, incidents and illnesses and implementation of emergency drills and procedures (RIDDOR 1995).

I have chosen two activities which are: * Personal Hygiene * Dressing up
The first activity is personal hygiene.
What is the activity?
The activity is about teaching children how to wash their hands. They would be using a doll to show an understanding of how to wash their hands, how to brush teeth, how to wipe heir face and drying hands. This will give children practice and also give them independence. This is for ages 2-4years of age.
The equipment that they would be using would be: * Flannel * Soap * Tooth brush * tissue
It will help them learn and also give them independence. This can also give a chance for the older children within the setting to help out with the younger children as well. It helps promote their intellectual and physical learning.
Could I make the activity it easier for them? No, because its a simple and fun activity for them do to.
The second activity is dressing up.
What is the activity?
The activity is children dressing up their dolls to mimic what they do when they get ready to come to nursery, dressing up their dolls in clothes. This will teach them independence and for some