Unit 8 P3 Essay

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Explain the security threats that e-commerce businesses face
Hacking – Hacking is when someone benefits from the weakness in the computer system that grants the “hacker” access to the information which is inside a targeted computer. A hacker is a person that might be motivated by many reason like protest, profit or personal challenge.
E-commerce businesses have to protect them self’s from hackers because, businesses might be storing customer’s information that could include the customer’s name, home address, bank details etc. Once the hacker has found an error in the businesses security system. It will be able to access all the information and use the customer’s details for its own use.
E-commerce businesses can protect them self’s by using internet protection software like anti-virus and some businesses higher hackers to hack into their own network systems and ask the hacker for feedback on ways to improve the networks protection.
Virus – Is a malicious software that multiplies and spreads itself to other files, when it’s open. When a virus has successfully placed its self on the computer it will perform harmful activities like using your hard drive space, CPU power and steal personal data. This could be a fatal effect on the businesses network/server if it passes all the protection systems. For example if the businesses website had a virus and customers where entering their information the virus would be able to pick up all the information.
Identity theft – Is a when