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Task 1 Research proposal Tesco leads the private sect Tesco decentralisation issues. Tesco Hatch End branch Introduction Tesco leads the private sector of employment in England, it has above 360,000 Tesco also expanded their business in other sectors like Financial services (Tesco bank), Petrol stations, Telecom (Tesco mobile), Internet retailing, Film making etc. Tesco has a large variety of shops from local Tesco Express stores to Tesco Extras superstores. Tesco Hatch End is one of the Express branch that brings shopping experience closer to customers doors and it alsomeets local needs and wants, by doing so it shatters local competition and the other supermarkets competition as well. Read more HYPERLINK http// l ixzz3DhfCj7lW http// us HYPERLINK http// t _blank @Thetimes100 on Twitter HYPERLINK http// t _blank thetimes100casestudies on Facebook Background This research project will analyse the problems that this small branch confronts with including the lack of focus on customer service and will extrapolate identifying the benefits and problems of applying a decentralised management at Tesco. It will find the link between lack of focus in customer service and the current decentralised structure. 3 and 4. The results of secondary research and the methodologies that Im going to use It is impossible to analyse Tesco Hatch End branch issues without taking into account the biggest picture of the company. Tesco had to move from a centralised structure to a decentralised one thats no doubt in that. Empowering managers had a positive effect on adapting to local customer needs and wants, and also had a good effect on employees motivation. http// However the negative effects on moving to a decentralised structure havent been study enough in Tesco case. Giving to much liberty to managers and not maintaining a thigh control may result in a low output quality of work, when staff is not controlled properly they could try to avoid work, resulting in bad quality customer service. See the following example. HYPERLINK http// http// ggxl53, York, United Kingdom, 1 year ago I worked for Tesco 20 years ago when they started growing the Superstore network. I worked in one of the new flagship Superstores. We were well dressed, inspected, trained in how to speak to the customer pleasantly (eye contact and smile), conduct customers to locations in the store rather than just telling them where to find things, apologise for keeping customers waiting at the checkout, arrange products on the shelf with the labels facing uniformly forward etc. The only place you get that effort and care now is at Waitrose. My local Tesco contains shabbily dressed and disinterested staff, dismal service, untidy store layout, stuff piled high. But they are cladding the outside with bits of unfinished wood to try to make it look better, oh well. Even if Tesco is rated as one of the worst supermarket it has the biggest market share of all supermarkets in UK part of the cause being opening new local branches, where people find easier to shop. HYPERLINK http// http// But investing so much money in