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Why is it important to help children make choices and how you can assist them to do this?
Making choices is like any other skill. Unless it is practiced, it will not develop. The choices given should match the skill level of the child. For instance, you might ask whether a child wants to use the puzzles or the blocks. If the child chooses to use the clay instead of either of the choices you have given, that is a choice, too. There are too many possibilities for giving choices to even list them, but here are some examples:
Do you want to wear your sweater or your jacket? If it is cold outside, you don't give the choice of wearing an outer garment or not, but a choice between what kind of outer garment. Would you like your teddy or your stuffed dog for rest time? This indicates that a rest time will appen, but the child may still choose the cuddly.

Giving children choices allows them to gain some control over their lives. That helps them feel empowered and confident. Adults tend to forget that children CAN make choices. When children are feeling that they have no control in their lives, they are more likely to have feelings of helplessness or anger.

They are right on why it is important the parents bring them to you so they can be in a safe inviroment and so you can help them teach the nessary things they need to know for example socializations which means sharing and how to get along with different kinds of people. How you can assist them with this is If you see one of the children not sharing say you need to share that toy it is just not yours it is everybodies and if you do not share then they will not share with you when you want a toy they have. You need to show them by examples also.
That is helping them make a choice to share. Other choices is for example what to eat maybe give them only two choices for example peanut butter and jelly or ham sandwich. Same with games give them only two choices ring around the roses or duck duck goose. IF you have more then two that will be more complicated for them two is just enough where they will be able to make a choice on there own. Helping them to make the right or wrong dicisions if you see them misbaving by hitting or bitting which will happen specially in a nursary setting you just say NO NO that is wrong if they are really little and put them in a naughty chair that is helping them see that this is wrong. If they are bigger like