Unit 9 - Creative Product Promotion P1 Essay

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Describe the promotional mix used by two selected organisations for a selected product or service.

Promotional Mix

The entire purpose of promoting products is to create awareness, persuade and inform customers about your product or service while identifying key features compared with competitive products. There are many benefits of performing successful promotion such as increasing sales and acquiring a greater market share, showing your products features and exposing competitive product’s flaws, teaching the market benefits of your product, explaining different usage of your product, conveying your brand image of your organisation and promoting new and improved features of your products.

The common tools needed to
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A total mail out of 430 state and independent schools were sent the CD by post. They put up promotional posters in schools and urged pupils to back the bands in polls and send in requests on radio stations for the Jamie Cullum to be aired.

Universal are using free gifts such as their album, posters and personal phone calls from the band providing they help them out by voting for them on radio stations. They use multiple tools to promote the Jamie Cullum brand which include; advertising around schools with posters; publicizing their band by contacting all head girls, this may have been done to attract attention from the press; personal selling is used when they went into all the girl schools to promote the band; a corporate image was being developed when they offered a phone call from the band themselves. This is seems like bribery as they are exchanging one thing for the promotion of Jamie Cullum. Despite the increasingly pro active and pushy tactics used by Universal they say they are unapologetic about targeting school children and argue Jame Cullum struggles to get airplay on teenage focused radio stations and music channels.

Universal used
Database marketing to target all the high school girls
Advertising efforts when they set up banners in schools of the band
Direct Marketing to ring up certain lucky pupils for a phone call from the brand to increase brand recognition and corporate image.