Unit 9 Hn410 Human Services Case Study

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Lisanette Corchado Unit 9 Assignment HN410 Human Services Delivery October 24th, 2017

“Abraxas Academy Youth and Family services was first started in Marienvile, PA about 40 years ago. They started off as only one location and with only 30 clients. Abraxas operates a few residential programs, detention and shelter and alternative education. Abraxas offers a variety of different treatment services to youth that experience difficulties functioning with their families and their homes and in communities in their city and education as to school. Abraxas is a safe facility that’s provides nurturing empowerment and structure environment to young ladies and young men to help them make a better and positive change in their beliefs, attitudes and behaviors and educational issues that they can
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Through this, clients learn new habits and skills promoting responsible thinking and behavior.” (Group, 2017)
“Role Modeling, we must not only set the standards for behavior, but also model the behaviors we teach. For many clients who have lived without positive, consistent role models, it is essential that staff act in a manner above reproach and effectively model the values they teach.” (Group,