Unit 9 Outdoor and Adventurous Expeditions Essay

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Types of expeditions

I have been asked to describe four different types of expeditions, I am going to start my assignment by explaining what expedition means, expedition means a journey organized for a particular purpose. A military campaign designed to achieve a specific objective in foreign country can be referred to expedition. Expedition is personal development, it is about pushing yourself, and it encourages life and social skills. Expeditions combine adventure, cultural and educational activities for people who want to experience everything the nature has to offer. The first expedition am going to describe is an individual expedition. These expeditions are set up and planned by the individual. The motivation for carrying out an
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Through my research I tried finding out the cost of the expedition but because it was carried out about 60 years ago, there is no evidence of the cost.

The third example of expedition is an expedition carried out for education, for example we as students are to carried out an expedition that includes canoeing, camping and sea traversing, this expedition will be carried out by the group of students to complete the unit, in order to pass the course all the BTEC national diploma students will have to carry out the expedition, it’s a multiday expedition, it will be carried out in Ullswater, Lake district. Cumbria, we will be carrying out the expedition in May 2013, the weather in May will hopefully be dry and sunny. The cost of the expedition is £100 per person. The expedition will be lead by the teacher of mine MR. Mark Wiseman. The expedition will be planned by the outbound trust UK.

The fourth example of expedition is a military expedition used by the armed services as a way of training their employees in a variety of skills. Expeditions in terrain such as jungle or snow are essential if the service men and women are going to learn effective combat in those locations. Expeditions also foster teamwork, leadership and fitness. An ex service man Mark Wiseman carried out an expedition in group of 8 people to walk from Seward to Hope, Alaska. The age group of the members was 20 – 30. The