Unit 9: Skills, Interests And Responsibilities

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Unit 9 theme D


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Skills, interests and qualities

Personal specification:

The skills that a job candidate must have in order to complete the tasks of a position offered by a company. A person specification can outline the educational requirements, training experience as well as more personal qualifications that a candidate must possess.

To be a credit manager, you will need:

the ability to lead and motivate a team good judgment and decision making ability good spoken and written communication skills a confident and assertive manner a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail good organisational skills the ability to work under pressure and to deadlines good business sense and commercial awareness
Excellent maths and computer skills.

Above is a list of the many qualities that are needed in order to achieve in being a credit manager. Overall what is needed is good communicational skills, good ICT and maths skills and assertive organisational skills. All of which I believe can be worked on and improved to get to a higher standard of ability. Although good organisational skills and attention to detail can’t be practised in an educational sense it can still be practised and improved though daily skills and tasks, this I feel I have a good background quality in but can be improved to meet higher demands. ICT and maths skills can be learnt through an educational sense, I received maths and ICT training during my school period of GCSEs and have qualifications in both that would be effective in this job as a credit manager. Good communicational skills I feel I already have a good understanding of but like organisational sills it can be practised and improved through daily tasks. All the qualities above I have been trained for during my school period, both through GCSEs and A levels which gives me a good head start to getting further experience and training improvements in them. As well as inside educational skills I have picked up I feel I have also picked up skills outside of the educational environment be this through my previous temporary jobs and also some of my hobbies outside of education, an example here I will use is being captain of the football team I play in, I have to have good communicational skills to communicate with my players but also officials and other sporting members.

Training and development

When you start as a credit manager your employer would train you on their in-house systems and procedures. You may also be given training in litigation and insolvency proceedings. This will get me up to date with all work and procedures that will be going on within the business, giving me firsthand experience of how to deal with situations a credit manager would face. The training will allow me to gain personal experience as a credit manager so I will be ready to go it alone and start by myself.

You may get the opportunity to work towards professional qualifications from the Institute of Credit Management, such as:
Level 3 Diploma in Credit Management – a qualification for people aiming for a management role, leading to Associate Membership of ICM
Level 5 Diploma in Credit Management – a foundation degree-level course that leads to full Membership of ICM.

This gives you additional skills that could aid you with being a credit manager that I would find very helpful. This will also improve how I look to higher employees and may be able to move up the ranks of the job quicker. The level 3 course is the easier of the two, this gives you the ability to go on and reach a higher level of management. The level 5 course gives you a foundation degree in credit management that leads to a full membership of ICM, this is basically the highest level of credit management training that can be achieved which leads to the higher end of the salary scale and more effective skills when on the…