Unit Four: Principles of Supporting Change in a Business Environment Essay

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Section 1 – Understand why change happens in a business environment

1. Explain why change happens in a business environment. You should include at least three reasons in your answer.

Change happens in a business environment for a variety of reasons. Those reasons depend on both internal and external factors.
For example as internal reasons for change would be the launch of a new product or service that a company is working on .
As for external factors one of the external factors would be perhaps a new law that is given and affects directly or indirectly the business and that business needs to make some changes.
Another reason for change might be some new technology that will definitely improve and help develop the business such
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Creating a positive working environment has a good impact to all the people involved in the process of change and makes it easier for people to get used to it.
It's important to work in the new way because you save up time and energy and you have more time to do more tasks. The new way of working has been developed to help its employees ,to make life easier. Also, when you develop a new way of working you help the employee develop their own skills that perhaps they didn't know they had and boost their morale.
Refusing to work in the new way can cause significant damage as it slows down and prevents steps forward to be made both in products and services.
The whole point of working methods being revised is to help and improve the business in becoming more successful. The successful businesses have working methods revised constantly.
Putting more pressure on other people by having them to do your work because the way you do things is in the old way and it slows will cause conflict and unsatisfied employees.
Nobody likes it when instead of doing their own work ,have to do someone else's because that person was incapable of doing so themselves.

b) Explain why you should respond positively to changes in products or services.

You should respond positively to changes in products or services to show that you believe in the business's need for change and to improve the products and the services that