Unit HSC 024 Assignment safeguarding and protection Essay example

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Q 1.1 Define the following types of abuse:
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Emotional/ Psychological Abuse
Financial Abuse
Institutional Abuse
Neglect by others

A 1.1

Physical Abuse is when, a person inflicts physical force that is non-accidental and results in pain, impairment or bodily injury.

Sexual Abuse is direct or indirect involvement in sexual activities without consent. As well as being physically forced into sexual activity without consent.

Emotional / psychological abuse is when a person uses threats, bullying, trying to control a person’s mind, makes them feel powerless, as well as making them believe it is their own fault. This type of abuse results in mental and physical distress and includes
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As an alerter I would report this to my line manager and any other departments I needed to inform. If my line manager did not take action on my report, I would take it to the regulator or other agencies by using the whistle blowing technique. All my reports would include body mapping to show where I have seen evidence of abuse and this would then be used as evidence.

If the client had any clothing that needed to be used as evidence (i.e. blood on their clothes) I would ask the client to remain in those clothes until the relevant person came to investigate the suspicions making sure any evidence was preserved for the investigation. In doing this I would also be making sure no evidence became contaminated.

As an alerter I would not be responsible for investigating the case however if there was a situation where the evidence may be damaged or tampered with I would try to preserve this by moving it to a safe place and making sure in my written report I have logged where it was moved to why and how. I would communicate with the client but not question them as this may make the client feel more vulnerable. I would alert client’s family or friends about the incident with the client’s permission. Once the case had been investigated care plans would be updated and I would make sure I follow any care plans or changes to my job role needed.

If a client alleges that they are being abused I would also follow these procedures, the only difference would be in my