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1. Explain how to store equipment and materials safely.

Knowledge specification 11b

You should ensure that the storage is suitable for the material or equipment you are storing. You should ensure that anything you store is secure. Make sure that any shelving is screwed with support arms. Shelving units must be screwed to the wall.
Do not overload any storage units or shelves make your-self aware of maximum capacity of the storage area and do not exceed this.
Do not storage items at high levels and make sure access routes remain clear from obstruction.
Do not store any items where there is a risk they could be knocked over.
Ensure floor area around storage area is kept clear at all times this will allow good access and safety when removing items.

2. Identify FIVE accidents or incidents that may occur in your workplace.
Knowledge specification. 12. 15

1. In all communally areas there are tiled floors this makes it possible for a person to slip this could be that it has been raining and there shoes are wet or that water could get in from a door being left open. 2. In the scheme I work at there is two sets of stairs it is possible for a person to fall down or even up the stairs. This could be that they are carrying a load and have blocked there visibility, or simple that there not paying attention when using the stairs. There is also a risk of an obstruction being on the stairs and this could result in a person falling.

3. It is possible that there could be a fire in my work place recently the letter box has been set alight this could result in a person being burnt, or suffering from smoke inhalation.

4. There could be an electricity black out in my work place this would put people in the building at risk of accident.

5. There could be a gas leak in the building this would put everyone in the building or even near by at risk.

3. Give THREE sources of information about