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“The Most Dangerous Game” a story of danger, pressure, not giving up, facing a fearful foe
“Game” a story trying to understand true motives, being manipulated by the system, war or something like war destroying something good and beautiful, seeing through a lie
“To Build a Fire” a story about ignoring good advice or a gut feeling, learning a lesson to late
“A Dog for Rock” a story about cruelty catching up, not caring about other people’s feelings, the amazing power of love to change people, the vulnerability of truly loving or caring for something or someone
“Escape to the City” a story about making your own decisions, the pain of watching someone you love struggle, the lengths we will go to help someone we care about,putting on a good face in the name of pride, conflicting loyalties
“Silence Burning” a story about how hard it is to bridge the generation gap, seeing yourself for who you really are (positive and negative)
Never give up (the most to build) make your own decision (escape to build) also need to responsible for the consequence of your own decision
Never afraid the decision you made ( the most to build a fire)

Frustration Perseverance courageousness

开头 After we read many tape of stories, we can find they have many things in common.Also, those stories can related to our own life. “most dan”, “escape” and “to build”those three stories lead to three lessons: Frustration Perseverance courageousness.

Courage : Never shall I forget the first English lesson given by Miss Liu. On that day, when she entered the classroom, we found that she was a young and beautiful lady with a big smile on her face. she let all of us go to the blackboard and say something about ourselves in English in turn. When it was my turn, I felt so shy and fearful that I didn’t dare to say a word before the class.
She came up to me and said kindly, “Don’t be afraid. I believe you can do it. Come and have a try.” My face turned red when I heard that. At last, I went to the blackboard and was able to do it quite well. She praised for what I had done. Up to now, I can still remember her words in the first English lesson: “Practice makes perfect. Don’t lose your courage when you meet with difficulties. Try on and on until you succeed.”

In the story “most”and to”lead to the first lesson:Frustration. Rainsford, He finds the evil General Zaroff who hunts humans for sport in the scared island . After three days of striving for his life in the jungle while Zaroff hunts him, Rainsford surprises Zaroff and kills him. And “to”is a story about a man travel in the Yukon on an extremely cold morning. His hand is frozen and can’t build the fire, finally he falls off into a sleep forever. Through these two story we can see this two characters have all experienced the frustration AND fight with evil. While the man in the “to” didn’t success but his brave and calm behavior inspire me.
:It inspires people to overcome hardships and difficulties and achieve the final success. People with this view even have even say that no frustration, no success. Indeed, we