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Unit two Essay one
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Unit Two Essay One
Hobbes thought that humankind had the characteristics of being solitary, poor, nasty and brutish. He felt that man was selfish and will impose violence upon another in order to get what they want and feel they need and to be in a higher power and authority than the other. He stated that due to these selfish ways men have that one will want what another has and therefore often fight to acquire these items. Sometimes by force. Hobbes did not think that one was unable to try to get what they want even if one was weaker than the other. “From the equality of ability arises equality of hope in the attaining of our ends.”(Leviathan, I.13). This to me explains that Hobbes felt though one man may be smaller than the other when driven by such a tremendous want one though possibly not as strong as the man who has what the smaller man would like to take is not an issue due to weaponry and other means of trying to what would really be pushing people around. In