Unit Wp2: Word Processing Software Essay

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Unit WP2: Word processing software



You work for the Marketing department of The Fruit and Veggie People Ltd, a company that sells organic, ethically sourced fruit and vegetable boxes. You are responsible for overseeing production of a newsletter that will be mailed to existing customers.

You have been given an initial draft of the newsletter to edit and prepare for printing and mailing. The newsletter will be sent to customers on the first of the month, along with a cover letter.

You have been asked to edit and prepare the newsletter, taking it from 1st draft to final draft ready for distribution. You must also make changes to the cover letter that will be sent out with the newsletter, and create a form
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Or you could describe the structure you have used when creating your newsletter – your file WP2_newsletter.

Please give the information about the structure you would recommend below this paragraph, then save this file keeping the filename wp2-assessment resub 1 which you gave it earlier.

For newsletter I would make structure which would separate – separate meaning information for potential client using tables, columns, etc. by prioritizing information for example introduction which would take an attention of client, then continuous information which would make client buy service/ product offered, by telling all the pluses in context of other companies, then final conclusion what they would gain from it. Maybe including some extra offer’s and discounts which will apply specially for them. All this would be done as I said by different tables and columns and bolded texts , and etc. by prioritizing them in correct way.

11/12/13 – Good.

3. Identify at least three formatting techniques that you could use when creating your newsletter. How will this formatting enhance the appearance and meaning of the document?

Making headings, highlighting info is needed to be highlighted, separating texts with different meanings in newsletter, sorting in columns to save space and make it looks more informative.

04/11/13 – Highlighting text is a type of formatting, but the other things you have mentioned