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User Domain
This Domain is where only one user will have access to it. This can be configured to internal use only. By default, the IT department tries to maintain a certain level of Security for this, so that nobody can access from the outside, only the IT Department can grant access privilege for Remote Access Point. The User Domain will enforce an AUP to define what each user can and cannot do with any company data that he or she has access to. Also, every user on the company is responsible for the security of the environment. Workstation Domain
Workstation Domain is where all the users work. Before a user can log into the machine, they will need to be verified in order to gain access. A security protocol requires the password to be changed every 30 days. All computers maintain regular updates and continuous antivirus protection for monitoring. Additionally, no personal devices are allowed on the network. LAN Domain
The LAN Domain is a group of computers all connected to a single LAN domain. The LAN Domain is a collection of computers connected to one another or to a common medium. All LAN domains include data closets, physical elements of the LAN, as well as logical elements as designated by authorized personnel. It requires strong security and access controls. This domain can access company-wide systems, applications, and data from anywhere within the LAN. The LAN support group is in charge maintaining and securing this domain. The biggest threat to the LAN domain…