Essay about Unit10 1.1 Understand the Expected Pattern of Development for Children and Young People from Birth to 19 Years

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Unit 10 Understand child and young person development

Understand the expected pattern of development for children and young people from birth to 19 years 1.1 Explain the sequence of rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19 years.

0.3 months They take interest and turn their head towards bright coloured lights They recognize bottle or breast Respond when they hear there mothers voice Wriggle and kick with there arms and legs.

Social and Emotional Development Begins to develop a social smile Enjoys playing with other people and might get upset when the person stops intereacting with them Expressive and tries to communicate using there face and body
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bounced ball games most of the time Can hop and stand on one leg for up to 5 seconds Can sometimes dress themselves without any help

Cognitive Development

Can correctly name some of the colours Understand the concept of the “same” and different Understands the concepts of counting and can name some numbers They can recall parts of a story

Language Development

They can tell stories Speaks clearly enough to strangers for them to understand what's been said

5 years Old

Social and Emotional Development

They want to please there friends and want to be liked by there friends Enjoys acting and sing & dance They are aware of boys and girls They are able to understand that things in cartoons aren't real

Physical Development

They can stand on one foot for longer than 10 seconds They can hop, skip, run, jump, swing and climb They can use a knife,fork and spoon They can draw people with bodies They can draw around objects or use stencils

Cognitive Development

They can count 10 or more objects Have more of an understanding of time and place They can say there name and address

Language Development

Tell longer stories and more imagination Uses future tense in conversation

6- 12 years old

Social and Emotional Development

Easily upset by things not fair or right Can talk to themselves to make them calm down They have an anxiety, self conscious