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Unit 2 Article Assignment
Jennifer Gadoury
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Maternal Feeding Practices and Childhood Obesity A focus group study of Low-Income Mothers

The article that I am writing about is basically about the WIC program in the USA States. Its focus is to help mothers with young children to help feed their children healthy foods in their children’s diets. And to keep the children from being obesity or have health problems in the future. The main topic is why mothers feed their children and how they feed them at an early age.
The Author talks about mothers feeding their infants rice or baby foods way before their recommend age (3mos) because they feel that it helps with claiming them down or the infant sleep better. And it’s very unhealthy for the infant. Sometimes mothers brides their child with food to get the child to reward for good behavior and the child is not recognizing that they are hungry and just eats and eats. The WIC program is to help the low income mothers to help better understand what is healthy and what’s not for their children and the effects of the habits that some is allowing. And to hopefully go against of bad eating habits for their selves and their child(ren).
The conclusion for this article is The families that get WIC would have to learn about different eating habits and hopefully go what the dietitian recommends for the child(ren) to avoid