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What is food?
Food is any substance which is eaten to sustain your body. Food can come in different forms like solids and liquids. You take food in through your mouth but you can also take it in through a tube and even directly into your vein! This may happen if you have medical problems.
What is diet?
This is all about the types of food you eat on a regular basis. Diet doesn’t refer to weight loss programmes which people usually tend to think about when diet comes into mind this is wrong! A person’s diet is what they eat all the meals and snacks you have.
What are meals and snacks?
You tend to follow the tradition of eating three meals a day; however this doesn’t always happen in all households. A large number of people tend to rely on snacks for their food intake; this may be because they have not got the time to eat on time and the convenience. Some people snack on little amounts of food when they feel a bit peckish and sometime when food is just there!
Remember snacks don’t have to be unhealthy!
What are nutrients?
Nutrients are the exact structures of food which provides us with energy and supports us in growing and repairing things that are not working as good as they can be in our bodies. There are many types of nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates vitamins and minerals. The type of nutrients we get depend entirely on the type of food we eat.

Nutritional health:
What is malnutrition?
This is a medical condition where your body doesn’t get enough nutrients to work properly. Malnutrition can be under-nutrition where you don’t get enough and over-nutrition when you get to many nutrients.
What is under nutrition?
This is when you don’t get enough calories or nutrients because you eat foods that aren’t good enough and food and it may even be you eat less may be because your bdy isn’t able to digest the food you are eating. This would be due to medical illness your doctor would have talked to you about if you are suffering from this. This is because the nutrients pass through the bloodstream to quickly not allowing it to be absorbed into the blood so it can be used up by your body.
What is deficiency?
This is when a certain nutrient isn’t present in your body. This again happens if you haven’t eaten the right nutrients or you have but due to a medical condition your body was unable to absorb it.
What is being overweight?
The department of health are in charge of defining overweight. When you have a body mass index greater than 25 or equal to you are regarded as overweight. When you are overweight you are at risk of arthritis and type two diabetes as well as high blood pressure.
What is obesity?
According to the British nutrition foundation, obesity is a condition in which irregular or excessive fat build up in adipose tissue damages health. A person with a body mass index greater than or equal to 30 is considered to be obese. The national audit office warns us that being obese can take up to nine years of our lives. In addition to the social and psychological problems linked to being overweight, people who are obese are far more likely to develop health problems such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, gallstones, infertility and depression.
What are Nutritional measures?
Nutritional and energy balance

Our bodies need energy to work even when you are resting, your body uses energy for all the that is going on inside us. This is known as the balsam metabolic rate which depends on your gender, size and the climate you live in. the amount of extra energy you may need depends on how your lifestyle is. it is important to balance the amount of energy being used and the amount of calories being eaten. As too many calories will lead to being overweight, and too little being underweight. Also it isn't just the calories that we need to think about but also the types of food intake. The whole point of a nutritional diet is about having the balance of the right foods in the