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Teen Pregnancy Work File Complete each of the activities below.
Fact: Teenage mothers are more likely to drop out of school and only about one­third obtain a high school diploma.
Fact: Teenage births are associated with lower annual income for the mother, 80% of who eventually rely on welfare.

. Read the two facts above and choose one of them. Discuss the possible ramifications for the teen parent’s future and the future of the child. (5 sentence minimum) (10 points) st
Fact: The possible ramifications for the teen parent's future and the future of child if the teenage mother drops out of school is that the teen will rely more than expected originally on their parents financially.
It will delay the time that the teenage mother when the teenage mother becomes independent because she will be dropping out of school, and education is key to becoming independent. She will be force to stay at her parents home and rely on her parents financially to take care of the baby. In addition, the child will have a possibility of growing up in poverty if her parents lack the financial resources. The child might grow up poor, and if it is a boy he will have a twice as likely chance of going to prison when he is older according to studies with sons and young teenage mothers.

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. One of the big health risks of a baby born to a teen mother is low birth weight. What are two risks associated with babies who are born with low birth weight? (10 points/5 each) a. A baby born to a teenage with a low birth birth rate are 40 times more likely to die in their first month than normal healthy weighted babies. b. Low birth weight babies might have organs that aren't fully developed which could lead to lung problems or bleeding of the brain.

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. In addition to increased health risks, children born to teenage mothers are more likely to experience social, emotional, and other problems. Discuss two of those risks to the baby that are unrelated to health.
(10 points/5 each) a. Teenage pregnancies are correlated with increased rates of alcohol, lower educational level, substance abused and also reduced earning potential for teen fathers. b. Teenage births are often times correlated with lower annual income for the mother of the child.

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. The teen mother has to deal with special challenges physically, emotionally and socially. List two of the health risks. (10 points/5 each)

a. Pregnant teen mothers are more likely to be undernourished and thus suffer from premature or prolonged labor. b. Teen mothers have a greater risk of developing emotional problems such as depression, shame, stress and guilt.

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. Teen fathers tend to differ in certain ways from their non­parenting counterparts. Profile the teen father. (9 points/3 points each)
a. Correlation between teenage fatherhood and delinquency; high arrest rates b. Despite stereotype, increasing evidence shows teen fathers want to be involved with their children c. Young fathers more likely to have economic and employment challenges

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. The future for teen moms can be compromised due to the demands of parenting. What are two of those consequences? (12 points/6 points each) a. Over 2/3 of pregnant teens drop out of school b. The teenager’s social life will be put on hold for a while, she can't go out with friends as much as she use to. 7a
. Discuss with your parents and guardians some of the challenges they have faced with parenting. List three challenges. Your Parent’s Challenges
(9 points/3 points each)
a. Baby waking up the middle of night crying and needing to be fed b. Had to probably prepare formula for the baby all the time c. Had to bathe and change the baby's diaper, making sure all waste was removed to prevent infections and used good diapers to prevent rashes.

. *Do you think a teenager is ready for those challenges? Why or why not?