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Shane’ Hill-Bailey
CJ 210 Unit 9 Research Project

Shane’ Hill-Bailey
Professor Wiberg
CJ 210 Unit 9 Final Project
Ethical and Legal Preparations Required for a Successful Prosecution
There are specific ethical considerations that need to be addressed when investigating Homicide and rape. A few of these ethical considerations are shared between the two such as the investigators mind state. This plays an important role in the preparations required for a successful prosecution. The investigator must be open-minded to any and all possibilities and be un-bias. The investigator must also know how to conduct all the elements of an investigation in the proper manner from a professional and legal aspect.
Although homicide
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Ethical problems involved in the investigation can be reduced by making sure the investigator has the proper knowledge and skill for the investigation. This helps reduce mistakes or mishandling evidence. Interview techniques are very important in a case and should be conducted in a professional and lawful manner. This goes to obtain a successful investigation and can lead to a confession or other important factors of evidence or information. Prosecution problems that could arise when the case is presented for trial if the investigator was unethical could be the offender let go because of failure to follow rules and procedures thoroughly. If rules and procedures are not followed thorough evidence can be overlooked or destroyed which could result in a lack of evidence to convict the offender and someone could be wrongfully convicted or an offender could be let go because of any unethical circumstances on the prosecutors end.
In homicide and robbery cases ethical issues related to the prosecutor is having every piece of information obtained lawfully and in the proper manner and making sure all parts of the investigation was conducted by using proper procedure. Any information obtained unlawfully, evidence is tampered with, there is change of any file or documentation, and withholding evidence, is all