Essay about Unitarism, Pluralism and Radicalism

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School/Portfolio: Course Code/ID: Course Title: Teaching Location: Program(s): Author: Level: Semester: Prerequisite(s): Corequisite(s): Exclusion(s): Credit Points/ Progress Units: ASCED Code: The Business School BUHRM2602 Industrial Relations UB Sydney B. Management or such Dr Patrick O’Leary Advanced 2, 2013 BUHRM1501 Introduction to Human Resource Management Nil Nil 15


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1.1 Student Responsibility It is the responsibility of every student to be aware of the requirements for this course, and understand the specific details included in this document. For full details of programs and school procedures, please refer to the University of
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This course focuses on how to manage conflict and negotiation in the workplace effectively. During this course, the following may be covered:           What is Industrial Relations/Employee Relations The history of Industrial Relations in Australia Causes of conflict Trade union history and the role and scope of unions The role of management and employer associations in IR The role of governments in IR The Federal framework and State IR systems Conciliation and Arbitration Awards and enterprise bargaining Recent changes to legislation and their impact



Summary It is emphasised that this course requires a significant commitment outside of formal class contact. The learning tasks in this course may include classes (lectures, tutorials or seminars), required reading, the preparation of answers to set questions, exercises and problems, and self-study. In addition, students may be required to complete an assignment, test or examination. Summary of suggested time allocations for this course Classes Reading Preparation of set questions, exercises and problems Preparation of assignment Study and revision for test and end of semester examination TOTAL 3 hours per topic for 12 topics 2 hours per topic for 12 topics 4 hours per topic for 12 topics 36 hours 24