International Students In The UK

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International Students in the UK In these days a lot of students leave their home countries and come to study in UK for several reasons, probably the most important one is that The UK is one of the best countries in teaching. In this essay I’m going to discuss some of the main problems that international students face when they come to live and study her. Well, accommodation, feeling homesick, rules and culture in UK and independence living are all difficulties international students may face so I’ll be talking about each one of them. Starting with the accommodation, obviously most of the students imagine the rooms they will be living in are as big as their own room in their original home so when they see it, it would be quiet shocking for them according to the expensive fees they paid for renting the room, another thing they might face is having a bad housemates that could be annoying or unfriendly. Homesick feeling is also a great problem international students have to deal with it. A lot of people are used to be with their family all the time so for sure they’re going to miss their parents, friends and family in their original countries. Talking about their countries you should mention the weather changing because some people are used to be in a hot weather all the time so when they come to here they might have flew or any other illness. If you are in the UK you should know how different the rules and the culture are, so because of that all international students would take a time