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Business Problems and Research Questions
Latrice Allen, David Campbell, Denise Jamerson, Beverly Mahone, Jerre Steck, Rosa Velez
September 9, 2013
Chester Witkowski

Business Problems and Research Questions
In the Business world it is important to perform research on a business to determine how the business is progressing and what changes should be made to further the success of the business. Team C has decided to perform research on the United Parcel Service. This paper will describe the services provided by UPS and identify a problem or dilemma faced by UPS that could be addressed by research. Team C will develop a purposed statement for the research and has agreed upon the question for research of the company to be “Has UPS met their goal to make customer satisfaction a priority with customers over the last 12 months?”
United Parcel Service
United Parcel Service (UPS) is an international company with a widely recognized brand around the globe. The United Parcel Service is a primary global supplier of specialized transportation and logistics services and one of the largest global package delivery company as well (UPS, 2013). Daily, UPS directs the flow of goods, and information around the globe (UPS, 2013). UPS offers domestic, international, and freight shipping services. Using a fleet of approximately 96,173 cars, vans, tractors, motorcycles and aircraft, UPS delivers packages and documents around the world (UPS, 2013). Key services UPS provides are logistics and distribution; transportation and freight; international trade administration and customs brokerage (UPS, 2013). Specialty services provided by UPS are service parts logistics; technical repair and configuration; design and planning supply chains; and returns management. Having a vast package delivery system, provides UPS with an opportunity to generate even greater worth for their clients by tapping into their systems to direct the integration of information, , inventory, warehousing, packaging, and transportation of packages.
Purpose Statement
On daily basis UPS customers rely on UPS to ship and deliver their documents or packages. Destinations range from one city to another, across state lines, or another country. Customers enjoy the benefits of great customer service as they walk into a UPS center, convenient drop off centers, and doorstep deliveries. Yet, perceptions may differ from unsatisfied customers whose packages contents arrive broken, bent, and damaged. In the past years customers and viewers are in shock when news channels and YouTube videos surface showing UPS employees throwing packages on the floor or over gates with no mindfulness for its contents.
Regardless of varied customer experiences, UPS continues to be top choice for delivering and shipping customer packages. Their focus is customer satisfaction and customer needs are the driving force for their success. Team C seeks to uncover customer satisfaction, needs, and perspectives to determine if UPS has met their goal to make customer satisfaction a priority with over the last 12 months.
Research Questions Addressing the Problem
1. Can you ship package via the UPS internet shipping? You can initiate and pay for your shipping needs online. This has made the shipping process easier for customers; this has changed and improved the technology. It does not matter if you are shipping a single package or a pallet from Miami to Singapore, you will be able to find a solution for every need.
2. Is the tracking status on ups.com the most up-to date information about a package? The tracking section of the ups.com provides the most up-to-date information available about the status of a shipment. Shipment movement information is captured each time a tracking label is scanned in the UPS delivery system.
3. How UPS handles damaged package claims? Damage