United Property Associates Essay

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United Properties Associates

By: Jessica Cox
Brandon Maxfield
Ashleigh Rinehart
Ryan West

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Executive Summary This report contains the analysis of the strategic management techniques found at United Property Associates. Through personal interview with top, middle, and lower level managers we were able to analyze how an organization operates in regards to corporate level and business level strategies. We examined how company owner Bernie Growblowsky created a competitive advantage through various strategic control techniques. We also observed the dynamic nature of the real estate industry and the demand for companies to respond accordingly. Along with our analyses, we provided recommendations to areas where we believe United Property Associates can improve. By applying Porters five forces model, we identified key aspects that help define what kind of market United Property Associates occupies. Our SWOT analysis helped in understanding the type of environment, both internal and external, that United Property Associates has established. We categorize United Property Associates as a mixed structure organization; integrating a divisional and functional structure. Our report includes how United Property Associates adapted to a rapidly changing market; both through government interference and consumer behaviors. They formulated strategic controls that allowed them to operate successfully in a volatile economy. These same controls helped define the structure and scope of the organization which is essential to a company’s performance. We saw the type of impact that human capital can have on a firm’s ability to adapt and respond to changes. The more human capital a firm possesses assists in formulating and implements corporate strategies. United Property Associates provided an excellent means to apply concepts discussed in this course into a comprehensive report.

United Property Associates is a comprehensive property management company, which, was founded in 1978. It is currently headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia with satellite offices in Suffolk, Virginia, Newport News, Virginia, and Williamsburg, Virginia. United Property Associates is separated into two divisions. One division manages condominium and homeowners associations while the other division manages rental properties. The majority of properties run by United Property Associates are found in Virginia with a bulk of them located in the Hampton Roads area. With the company’s employees numbering over 200, they have the ability to offer a wide range of services for their clients. The services the company provides for its association clients include but are not limited to creating in financial statements, managing accounts payable and accounts receivables for the association, handling bankruptcy of condominium and homeowners, provide any emergency system, coordinate board meetings, maintain insurance, community inspections, work with collection attorney’s for overdue accounts, reconciliation of bank statements, tax related accounting, and many other accounting related functions. United Property Associates continues to receive a profit. However, we were not privy to the company’s financial statements due to the sensitivity of the information.

Strategic Analysis
Mission, Vision, and Corporate Strategies

“ To our clients, UPA brings three decades of expertise in all aspects of association management; we bring our genuine concern for the preservation of property and timely administration of their respective association documents. And, to your community, UPA provides a sincere commitment to enhance its value and to contribute to the enjoyment of the highest quality of life the community is able to provide.” ("Association Management Overview")
The initial mission statement changed because at the start of the company they were involved primarily in the management of rental