Essay about United Staetes Constitution

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The United States beat Britain. This war has lasted for 3 years 1812-1815. Now we have freedom. The British no longer own us. Before this war The Constitution was created, which will include how our country should be. Also we created the Bill of Rights which will include our rights. This war started because of a lot of tensions we had with the British. These problems were talked about at the Constitutional Convention before this war. On May 14, 1787 the Constitutional Convention was held in the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia. There were 55 delegates from various states that attended this convention. George Washington was the leader of this convention. They discussed many problems that the United States of America had. This Convention took a very long time to end. It ended on September 17, 1787. Creating different branches was a topic at the Constitutional Convention. These Branches were the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branch. The Legislative Branch is basically the congress. This branch is also split up into two groups the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Executive Branch is basically the President. This branch only has one group after it the Vice President. The last branch is the Judicial Branch which is basically the Judges. This last branch only has one group after it too, which is the Supreme Court. These branches organize the country. The preamble of the Constitution which is: We the people of the United States, in order to form a