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Question 3
Silent, silent, silent that all I could do. Have you ever imagine yourself in a situation were by your supposed best friend betrayed you? I have. It started like any other day, my ex-best friend named Blessing, called me on my cell phone to discuss a business proposal with me, which will cost me about five hundred thousand naira (#500,000) that is in my country currency about four to three thousand five hundred dollars ($4000 to $3500) in the United State. The business was about you giving your money to investors and then using your money for another business which will yield billions. Blessing told me after the business is executed my profit will be about two million naira (#2000000) when converted to American dollars is about twelve thousand seven hundred twenty-two dollars and fifty cents ($12722.50). I was very happy, even though I was young, I believe that starting a business at a young age will give me more experience and confident. I gave my friend the money believing she wants the best for me.
The business was supposed to be executed within two weeks. Two weeks became months. After about six months I notice anytime I call Blessing, she would not pick her call or when I go to her house is either she is not home or she just left the house. I refuse to believe not has gone wrong, not until another friend of ours told me Blessing lied to me about the business. I was shock and surprised and could not believe what I was hearing. Many thought run through my mind, not until when I saw Blessing myself and ask her about the business and what I heard, her reply to me was that everything I heard was truth and there is nothing I can do about it. It was like I was in another planet or like I was sleeping or in a dream