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October 10, 2012
Do you ever wonder what it would be like for us Americans if we didn’t have the United States constitution? The amendment give us the freedom of speech and many more freedoms which make us united states citizens. The amendments are pretty much like laws. Amendment 1 gives you the freedom of speech, press religion, and freedom of assembly. To me I feel like freedom of speech is one of the biggest amendments because what if you didn’t have the right to say whatever you would like, or what if you had no choice to be a certain religion and no power or control to change it. That’s what it would be like if we didn’t the amendments. We should be very proud to have amendments in the united states, some other countries such as Afghanistan don’t have the amendment 1 like we have so therefore they can be forced to be a certain religion and some are forced to be the religion called the Taliban. The Taliban religion will force you apart of their group, and they will force you to do anything they tell you. Pakistan has been accused by many international officials of continuing to support the Taliban today, but Pakistan claims to have dropped all support for the group since 9/11. See this could never happen in America because of our rights. The Freedom of Speech gives us the right to be any religion.
Americans don’t appreciate the rights that we have, they think we should be granted them. But what if we lived in a different country? How different would our lives be