United States and Basic Needs Essays

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Sarah Silverman
ANT 100

A list of humans most basic needs and goals could not me put into one list because there is such a wide array of what the most basic needs and goals can be. The basic needs and goals of humans can vary from different cultures. They can be very different between two countries. Needs and goals can be different for someone who is a baby and an adult. “sex, hunger, thirst, sleep, language acquisition, need for affective nurturance, nutritional and metabolic processes, vulnerability to mental and physical disease and to stress by darkness, cold, heat, altitude, moisture, lack of air, and other environmental hazards” (Harris 2005: 9) This is the list of basic needs and goals that Harris gives.

Basic needs and goals can be very different from country to country. In the United States electricity would probably be listed as a need while in a tribe in Zimbabwe they would not consider it a necessity. The basic needs and goals are going to have a very wide variety between countries because of how diverse countries are. The necessity would be different for different cultures among countries. Needs and goals would also have a wide variety because of the social status or ranking of the country. There could even be a difference between someone who lives in a rural part of the United States compared to someone who lives in a large city such as New York City. A person living in a rural setting may consider something like fashion to be a privilege while someone in the city may consider that a need or goal.

The basic needs and goals will have a range between different ages. An infant’s needs may include its mother to take care of them until…