Dr King I Have A Dream Speech

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Dr.King is an really important people for the American history and he changed United states. He is well-liked by the colored races and he made necessary contributions to colored races. Dr.King's speech " I have a dream", this speech is the most meaningful speech for colored races and United Sates. United States is a country of many races and there are many colored people. In that time, the discrimination is really serious and the black people are discriminated. People would get the unfair or different treats. White people thought the colored people are lower than them and they are noble and kingly. They should get the higher treats. Therefore, at that time, black people lives in the lowest level of the society. Black people's living conditions are really bad. Their houses are small and dirty, they lived border of city. The need work very hard everyday but they cannot get the reward equal the white people. They need do many poor workings and pay more attention and energy to works. Although like this, the black people cannot get the fair treats and respect. They need endure white people's discrimination, they cannot not resist the discriminations. But Dr.king's speech " I have a dream" gave they wish and let them know what they should do. They begin to resist the white people's discrimination. They wanted respect and the fair treats. They got power from the speech, they wanted to change their life and the United States. They stood up, they did the things to state their rights. The speech is not only affect the black people and Untied States, it also affect