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Sam Flynn
Mr. Henry
Just what is this Obamanomics? Simply, Obamanomics, usual used in a mocking manner, refers to today’s elected President, Barack Hussein Obama, and his ideas for todays economy. Obamanomics can, and is, used to describe many of the plans and the ideas that the president has proposed, in attempt to bring The United State’s Economy back to where it once was. The most recognized idea Mr. Obama has laid out for us is the idea of redistributing the wealth. Now this doesn’t mean giving the money that government currently holds out to each and every person in the United States, because frankly, our government has none to hand out. It means taking from the people in the higher class of society, those who live in wealth and prosperity, those who have worked hard for their share, and those who use that money in most cases to help the less fortunate. However, the government can’t just take the money directly from the rich folks. The have to do it in a legal way, yes, taxes. The plan for redistribituting the wealth back to the people who need it is, in Mr. Obama’s opinion, simple, and an absolute sure fire way to slowly and carefully bring the economy back to a level where it once was.

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In the minds of most, redistributing the wealth is an excellent idea, and a easy way to level the economy so everyone has enough money to spend resulting in people buying things, allowing the economy’s poor status to rise a bit, perfect, right? However, let me attempt to break it down to really see what could produce for our nation in the months and quite possibly the years to come, be it problems or possible success. The President is proposing a substantial amount of money in spending in upcoming times for The United States , but where is that money going to come from? Seeing that the government is already far too deep in debt, that surely cannot be an option. No panic though, Obama has it figured out, just take the money from those in the highest tax bracket, like from the corporations, millionaires, billionaires, those who are “well-off” and are sure to have no problem in giving up a little bit more of there hard-earned money to those who possibly might be less fortunate, lazy, uneducated and possibly not fit to handle an income of money. This plan however, probably is not going to go exactly as the president feels it will. That’s not to say it won’t bring in any money for the government to distribute or use to create a better country, because it mostly likely will, just not at the rate needed to take an economy that’s in a slow and spiraling downfall back to where it needs to be. What i’m trying to bring across is that, most of the people that are very fortunate in the United States did not receive what they have today very easily by any means. Most were not born with that silver spoon in there mouths. Most those folks, got where they are
Flynn 3 today by being smart with the money they have earned, they certainly not stupid. Not stupid enough to willingly allow themselves to be placed in a higher tax bracket with absolutely ridiculous tax rate percentages. I found the response for the words tax increase is best put by American Writer, Amil Imani. “They shift their money to safe havens where Obama can't get to it.” Those Americans aren’t going to hear about an upcoming tax increase and just sit with there money and allow it to be taken away, they are going to place it in off shore accounts where its out the United States control. The United…