United States and Edgar Allen Poe Essay

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In the mid 1800’s and early 1900’s a common everyday aspect was to expect anything at any time. One of those things was being able to handle the death of the man of the house. It caused trouble and grief because they had to be able to carry out everyday life without the muscle and the decision making that the family was used to that was offered by the man of the house. Which this is the reason why I am comparing “The Story of the Hour” by Kate Chopin and “The Raven” By Edgar Allen Poe. I believe that they represent the events that would happen in an ordinary household as well as the mindset of individuals after these dramatic events would happen in their household. Kate Chopin does a great job representing the way that the ordinary family during that time stuck together. As an example of that is when she first received the news of her husband/lover she leaned on her sister. During those times though the government was selling land to settlers for a cheap price an acre. Which in return was making settlers move to the Midwest to start an American dream life of owning their own land and it was very important for a family to stick together because so much could happen on the open road that made people become sickly and possibly even die. Kate Chopin shows that having a shoulder to cry on and as well as having someone to just be there for you is very comforting during those times. Edgar Allen Poe I believe expresses a very detailed way of how the mind would think after