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Martasia Carter
Period 3- Honors English
March 7, 2013
Unrealistic Ideas Although I am well aware of the fact President Obama has good intentions for this country, the U.S., I don’t feel a few of his ideas mentioned in his State of the Union speech are completely “do-able.” For example, the article states “he [President Obama] reconfirmed his commitment to ending the U.S. war in Afghanistan next year.” We’ve been in war with Afghanistan for as long as I can remember and it has yet to settle down, even a little. I am a firm believer in the fact that it will not take one year to stop a war revolved around terrorism. Let’s say that the war was officially at an end, there will always be people that still resent the U.S. This will then cause them to try to bomb us again, which, inevitably, will cause us to retaliate. Our retaliation will result in a whole new war. I mean, what does President Obama have that any of the other presidents didn’t? Besides the fact he’s African American, nothing. Aside from ending the war in Afghanistan, there’s still an issue revolving around the controversy of gun violence. In addition, the article also states “victims of gun violence deserve a vote.” Is it me or am I the only one thinking that this isn’t fair? If victims of gun violence have a vote in anything relating to gun violence, they already have built up a barrier and a biased opinion. They will say “NO” to gun violence automatically. Although President Obama has good…