A Note On The Government Of The United States

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Source one is based on how the government of the United States will support countries in their goal of getting out of a dictatorship and help them find their voice. It will also help them become a more liberal nation. To be more of a liberal nation you have to be committed to the principles of self-respect and freedom and have faith in human progress. A country that is more liberal is beneficial to the United States because it allows them to have free market which is a market that operates on limited government. In a free market, anything involving production and trade of goods are amongst the producers and consumers which the government does not get involved in. Having a liberal country is also beneficial because it allows the people of that country to have their own views on how they want their life to be. It gives them the opportunity to have more freedom. The source also states how the United States is backing any country that is becoming a liberal nation. An example of this would be the United States giving Egypt 250 million dollars to help them become a more liberal country themselves back in 2010. It is their goal to help nations become liberal and to embrace a similar ideology as theirs. Lastly, the source specifies that everyone should be treated equal which is a main goal of the United States.
The second source talks about how the Americans like to interfere into other countries and peoples business. They try and force them to become more liberal just like they are and try to make other countries have their own views and a free market. It compares them to being an authoritative dictatorship that torments other countries into being liberals. At times, the States like to force countries that are doing okay into becoming more liberal. An example of this would be the invasion of Iraq and how they overthrew Saddam, who was currently their president, and started liberal ideas but it ended up being a chaos causing the country to destruct. This showed hatred towards the United States because of them forcing nations to be liberal.
The third source states how the United States invaded Columbia and imposed literalistic ideologies on the people in that country.