United States and Men Essay

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once upon a time, no one cared about james and because of his lack of social life he created jumbo jack and fleed to the united states. ever since then, everyone surrounded him with joy and laughter for his great success in his invention Chapter 2:
Liberty 5-3000 is a girl that catches equality’s eyes and men are forbidden to take notice of women and women are forbidden to take notice of a man. Women are assigned work in soil and lie in home of peasants beyond the city. Equality works near the field and he looks for her everyday but doesn’t speak but instead talks with their eyes. They also greet each other by raising a hand to their eyes.
Men may not think of women so they can save time for mating, each spring all men over twenty and women over 18 get sent to the city palace of mating. Each of the men gets assigned one woman by the council of urgencies. Children are born each winter and never get to know who their parents are.
Equality talked to Liberty and they had a conversation about not being like everyone else, Liberty is 17 and equality hates that she will one day go to the mating palace.
Its forbidden not to be happy- men are free and earth belong to them; and all things on earth belong to all men; and the will of all men together is good for all; and so all men must be happy.
Equality is not afraid of his tunnel being found out like his brothers are every day, also he thinks about the unmentionables and the legend about the forest.
He thinks about the man…