Essay about United States and Native Americans

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Feryal Bouayed
October 9, 2012
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Explorer Essay

During the 1400s, Christopher Columbus had found the New World. He thought he had reached Asia, but it actually turned out to be present day United States. He changed history by doing so. To make their nations survive and have more resources, the Europeans tried to open up water routes. Even though the European exploration had some negative outcomes to the new world, they were outnumbered by the benefits to Native American societies. The Europeans brought many things to The Americas that the Native Americans benefited from. For example, they didn’t have horses, so it made hunting difficult because they had to do it by hand. When the Europeans introduced horses to the Native Americans, they learned how to be skilled horseman and it made hunting easier. Another thing that the Europeans introduced to the Native Americans were good cash crops like cattle, potatoes, and grains which helped them survive the harsh winters and hot summers. Although the Native Americans benefited from the Exploration, there were also very bad things. When the Europeans were moving into America, they weren’t just bringing in good things. Even if they didn’t know it, they were also bringing in diseases like smallpox. The Europeans had already all become immune to the diseases but since the Native Americans weren’t immune, they eventually all died. The Native Americans benefited from the European Exploration because the Europeans