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The Olive Branch
BIO 1220
Ryan Britch
Sept 9, 2012

Throughout modern human history the Olive branch has been universally recognized as the iconic symbol representing peace and prosperity. From Ancient Greece to the founding of the United States of America, the olive branch has been used on flags, crests and given as a sign of honor to athletes and war heroes. The story behind the meaning of the olive tree began in Greek mythology. According to legend, Zeus held a contest among the gods, he would give A city to the whomever could create the most useful gift to humanity. Poseidon, the god of water gave the soon to be named city fresh drinking water. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, warfare, and justice gave to the city an olive tree. The Olive tree was more useful because its oil could be used for fuel, cooking, medicine, soap and in cosmetic products. The olive branch was was also and important symbol in the ancient olympics. Instead of receiving medals of gold, silver and bronze, champions would receive an olive wreath crown. Because the olive tree was so valuable to the Greeks, The athletes were proud to wear them and competed for honor not for possessions. The olive branch is also a symbol in christianity. According to the Bible, after 40 days of rain and a year of flooding, Noah sent a dove out of the ark and it returned with an olive branch. Representing an end to the deluge and the discovery of dry land. The olive tree is also an important symbol in Judaism. After their holy temple was defiled and filled with pagan idols, A small group of Jews known as the Maccabees reclaimed the temple. The Maccabees lit the great menorah in their return. But they only had enough oil for one day. However, a great miracle occurred and the olive oil lasted for 8…