United States and Overthrow Essential Question Essay

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Effects of the Overthrow
Essential Question: How can we still see the effects of the overthrow in Hawaii today? The effects are still seen today by Hawaii becoming a state of the United States. Another is help given to the Hawaiian people by the US government whether it’d be financial aid or land. The last example is the immigrants that came to Hawaii because of the sugar plantation making Hawaii known as the melting pot with racial diversity.
Political Impacts
Since the Monarchy was overthrown the new Territory of Hawaii was to follow rules set by the United States. Since Hawaii was a territory there were no tariffs anymore or any trade restriction
Hawaii was annexed to the United States then turned into a territory and finally in 1959 entered the United States as the 50th state.
The new laws limited ways Hawaiians could vote until they were a state.
Economic Impacts
Sugar industry in Hawaii blew up because there are no tariffs meaning plantation owners could spend more on equipment. This boosted up Hawaii’s economy and brought a lot of immigrants.
Statehood in 1959 brought with it the arrival of the first jet service to Honolulu, Tourism exploded. It brought thousands of tourist every year and the sport surfing was made popular because of this. It is the main source of money in Hawaii today.
The big 5 got really big and was a major influence to Hawaii’s economy. They bought and owned many companies, they were a big influence to Hawaii during the 1900’s.

Social Impacts
Immigrants were brought in by the Sugar industry boom and thus lead to a bunch of immigrants living here and still migrating here. The sugar boom also lead