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Why Chinese student learning the hardest math and natural science in the world but never won the Nobel price? Why democracy and human rights issues in China have been mentioned many times but still can't let everybody satisfied? I think the most basic reason is that Chinese people do not have courage of adventure and creativity, and Chinese do not really need democracy. Why democracy is not working in China.My view is that China is not appropriate for it. Because China was a agricultural country and also China was rich in natural resources, people was used to use part of their harvest to trade for peace and listen to some leaders. Because of that, people accept the inequality between people. People thought that is happy to be lead by someone otherwise they do not even know how to live. Different in Europe country, they do not have that much natural resources. So, they must trade their stuff for something else they need between person and person, country and country.The basic condition in trade is equality. Seller have right to ask for a high price and buyer have ability to argue for a lower price. Also, equality is the most basic thing for democracy. Everyone's views are worth paying attention to and nobody is honorable than others. Hence, because European country have equality this precondition, democracy is much easier for European country to achieve. What’s more, because China was a untied and huge country since ancient time so that should be really hard to listen to everybody. But, for some small country, they have chance to gather everybody together and listen to everybody because they do not have that much people. So I think that China do not have democratic basis, then not suitable for democracy. Why Chinese do not have courage of adventure and creativity? Firstly, China is in a relatively closed environment which is surrounded by seas and mountains. If Chinese want to go to other place they need to climb though the highest mountain Himalayas or choppy Pacific. Hence, that is really hard for people travel to other place. But, for European country, they can easily travel though Mediterranean which is a really nice and quiet inner sea. So, they have chance and condition to adventure by using simple equipment. Secondly, Chinese since ancient times…